I have been hooked on TED videos for the last three to four years. They compel me to think differently and, within a small slice of my free time, I gain a perspective on something amazing from a brilliant mind, whether it’s a new way to understand how my brain works, a new wonderful piece of technology or just a mind expanding artist.

TEDx allows everyone to now share in the creation and distribution of TED style videos.  The”x” stands for independently organized. In order to host a TEDx event, one must register and apply as an organizer at TED.com.  If you are interested in hosting more than 100 people, TED also requires you attend an official TED event.

TEDGlobal 2012
In order to bring you TEDxFIU this fall, I attended TED Global in Edinburgh, Scotland.

TEDGlobal was truly one of the most exciting experiences I have ever had. I met a man who could hear color.  I saw the Supreme Commander of NATO argue that the future of security is in bridges, not walls. I was filled with promise about the future of online education and the opportunities it could yield for people around the globe, and I was terrified to learn just how easy it is to use the advances in technology for terror.

NATO Supreme Commander at TED GLobal 2012

Many of those presentations are of course what make TED so amazing. But equally inspiring to me were the TEDx organizers, who are helping people use technology and education to improve lives around the world and are just looking for other TEDx’ers to try and help them solve problems and make connections.

I do have a job to do at FIU but I am not here (on this blog) as an employee. I am here as a two-time alum. I believe in what FIU stands for.  I believe in the words etched into the plaque on the side of the Charles Perry/Primera Casa building when it was dedicated in 1994: “The three goals he set forth for the university – education of students, service to the community and greater international understanding — May the university forged by President Perry remain dedicated to these noble goals, the expression of human creativity and the quest for knowledge .” TEDxFIU is an opportunity. It is a chance to rally the FIU community and to serve the international community. It is not an event. It is a way of thinking, it is a way for us to come together, share and learn from each other.

The Challenge
Help us make the November event as insightful and worthwhile as possible. If you know someone who is an FIU student, alumnus or faculty member and they have a great idea to share, send them the application link and encourage them to apply. This will be a yearly gathering and even if they do not make the inaugural event, there will be more opportunities to share and learn between the first TEDxFIU and the next. We know there are many students interested in TEDxFIU.

We are open to your suggestions and enthusiastically encourage all of you to be involved. This blog will be updated weekly, and we hope you share your thoughts as we move forward. Follow us on Twitter and like us on the TEDxFIU page on Facebook. Engage us, and one another, as much as we engage you.