On thursday, November 7th TEDxFIU kicked off with the world’s first TEDx talk to feature a speaker who was 60ft underwater in the world’s only underwater sea lab.  We were treated to a stories straight off the introduction to an Indiana Jones movie.  We discussed chemical weapons by reimagining our concepts of them.  A pair of glasses that helped a blind man read a book to his daughter were demoed live on stage and we were shaking in our seats to an instrument which came from Japan well over 2000 years ago.


In our second session, we learned that a postage stamp size piece of paper and a bit of nail polish remover could help law enforcement tell the difference between sugar and some white powder that could explode on impact.  We merged art and science in a talk about the God Particle and the amazing artwork that a scientist and an artist can make together.  And then a butterfly took the stage and we witnessed the struggle some of us are going through but the inspiration we can all draw from it.  Before the night was over we got to see one more scientist and another group of artists. The scientist is working on reintroducing diverse traits from wild plants in order to breed climate resistant crops for future generations.  And the artists, well you know them as Black Violin.  They got the entire to audience up off their seats and out of their mental boxes by fusing two very unique forms of music and telling us the tale of their band’s origin.

Last but certainly not least, our host kept the audience laughing and learning while making all the transitions and connections to keep our eyes glued to the stage.

We are hard at work on the videos which will be posted here as they are produced. In the meantime, here is a larger collection of photos.