TEDxFIU 2014 - Fearless Journey_15604644297_l

Whoever went to or saw TEDxFIU 2014 embarked on a very fearless journey.

It was an incredibly moving sold-out TEDxFIU with topics ranging from teaching math to building homes in Haiti. The main theme, however, was about cultivating a fearlessness in everything you do.

Here were some highlights from social media.

Short story novelist John Dufresne said it best.

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TEDxFIU 2014 - Fearless Journey_15766113226_l

TEDxFIU 2014 - Fearless Journey_15169843234_l

TEDxFIU 2014 - Fearless Journey_15604378328_l

TEDxFIU 2014 - Fearless Journey_15169830004_l

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